Thank you for your interest in my services. I have been a professional multimedia designer for nearly 15 years and I always strive to meet and exceed my client's expectations. I have developed a unique style which continues to evolve every day and through each project. I have worked primarily as a freelance web designer for over a decade, the past eight of which were spent living and working on the paradise island of Maui, Hawai`i.

I have worked for such large corporations as Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN and Best Buy Company but I prefer working one-on-one with a more humble clientele. I have a large range of skills, most importantly my expertise using Photoshop, but I'm also capable of: Flash and 3D animation; technical illustration; video editing and design; web design; print design; PHP scripting; MySQL database connectivity; script installation and modification... it goes on and on.

I work quickly and intelligently, and always look at the "big picture".

When not being creative in the digital world, I am either playing or composing music in my spare time. I play guitar, keys, and I sing... more info about that will be available on this site shortly.

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